Hi! I’m Zhen Li, Film and Media study major. I have experiences of making films, and I don’t have experiences with design. I don’t see a lot of conections between film and this class honestly but it would be a unexpected unique experience! I know nothing about coding and I don’t have experiences with this category of design. The relationship I’m interested in is the relationship between customers and the psysical stores. Since the online shopping is so popular right now, and the informations for the stores and goods are complete, the physical stores get effected. A lot more people chose to shop online in China since it’s more convenient. I would like to bring a solution to solve the situation which is to bring the physical store information into geographic information. It can first easily locate the stores. It works just like yelp but it brings more categories of stores rather than only restaurants. Like you will get a full menu in a restaurant, you will find a full list of goods in stores online. Information beside the price like the nutrition of a food, the materials of a clothing will be easily find in the App. It can also offering shipping services.

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