Week 9 Reading Response

This weeks reading consisted of a list of tools (programs and websites) that could provide some help for our class’ interactive designs. For the most part, the programs and sites found on the list are geared towards helping designers draw screen mock-ups of their interactive designs. In short, many of these tools help create templates for what an interactive application would look like. In fact, many of the tools incorporate the use of wireframes, which we learned to use just last week.

While the list provides a wide array of tools from which students can choose from, I found that most of the tools on the list did not pertain to my design problem. As many of these sites were geared towards creating computer and mobile application mockups. My interactive design is not a digital application but rather a three-dimensional device that is meant to be worn by a user. Additionally, the device does not contain a screen.

However, I found many of the tools in the list very helpful for many of my classmates who are dealing with applications. In fact, as I was reading through the programs, I could see many of my classmates’ work being brought to life by these tools.

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