Reading Responses: (Week 10)

Reading Responses: (Week 10)

Interface Critique Journal: Interface of Immersive Media

This reading focused in on the idea of “immersive media,” in doing so, the author defined immersive media as the users’ perception and involvement within the media, noting that its not solely advanced technology which makes such immersion possible, but it can also be achieved through different mediums as well. The author also pointed out a large part of what makes a specific type of media “immersive” is illusion.

As I read this article, I couldn’t help but apply it to my own individual design, I realized that my design is essentially trying to create/allude to the feeling of presence, and feeling so immersed in the media you essentially forget its there. I feel as though incorporating smell and touch, for example, may be able to imitate the feeling of togetherness, in a way, sight doesn’t. Another component of this article, which I thought would be applicable to my design was taking note of and incorporating the many dimensions of an object. In other words, if the user is able to see, smell, and touch, things simultaneously, rather than one at a time, it might enhance the overall user experience.

Throughout this article, the author noted and delved into the concept of immersive media. At times, I found some of the content extremely relevant to my design project, and others I felt were not as imperative. However, I feel as though reading this article will positively influence my design solution.

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