Reading Response Week 9: Jason Floyer

This reading consisted of a list of prototyping tools to help with drawing screen mockups.   The list was in alphabetical order and contained many prototyping tools. They varied in what their emphasis was and some appeared to be free while others cost money. It was hard to look at all of them since some of the links no longer worked and others required some navigation to see their features.

For my digital prototype I think that finding a tool/program that is simple and easy to use, but has the right amount of tools to design a good aesthetic is something that would be ideal. One thing that interested me is that some of them offered interactive features that could be useful when demonstrating my prototype to others.

I noticed the list was last updated in 2014 so I wonder if there are any new tools/programs that have been released since then. Overall I think this is a very good list and I hope to find something that works for me and my project.

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