Reading Response of Week 10 (XiaoqiSun)

In this reading, instead of concentrating on technology, Julie Woletz focuses on the interfaces of immersive media, and elaborate how various interfaces of spatial media create effects of immersion by addressing the body in different ways. Julie Woletz thinks that we can simply define immersion as an objective measurable effect of certain parameters of media technology depending on human perception and presented depth cues. Following such a technological approach, immersion can be divided into three distinct degrees: non-immersive, semi-immersive, and fully-immersive. 

A non-immersive environment is when the device only enables a viewpoint from outside the environment and the user only looks at the artificial world. A semi-immersive environment is when the viewpoint is inside the environment like in a cave, but there are still other stimuli available. A fully-immersive environment is when they work with device like a head mounted display that shows a viewpoint inside the environment and at the same time blocks out other sensory information. 

I would like to talk about my opinion about the relationship between games in the future and fully-immersive environment. In my opinion, a good game should always creates a fully-immersive environment, because only in fully-immersive environment can players be leaded into the world of games. On the one hand, the fully-immersive environment can make players really enjoy the games. On the other hand, the fully-immersive environment also reduce the lifetime and the market of games. Because not all people will take more than one hour everyday to fully-immersive into a game. We live in a world with high diversity, so everything in our society are tended to be made like fast foods, so that people can quickly get it and move to next things. Hence, I really looking forward the fully-immersive media, but I don’t know our society can accept the fully-immersive media with slow pace.  

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