Steve Arakelyan – Reading Week 10

This article talks about different interfaces and what actually defines an interface.  One of the most interesting parts in the article was the one-person reality machine.  It’s an amazing invention of the time since virtual reality was not a possible concept of the time. It also matched sensory feedback such as wind and sound effects, which is very impressive for its time.

By 1968, there was already a full virtual headset one can put one and fully function.  It’s very similar to my design project, as it uses stereoscopic displays for each eye to display a 3D like image for the user. Each eye gives feedback of spatial depth and this is still used today, and it is the most advanced technique for virtual reality.  To add movement, the environment around the user can seem like they are in motion to make the user feel like they are moving around the environment.

This is very interesting as I never knew this concept was around for almost half a century.  I thought virtual reality was a fairly new concept, but people have been testing it for years now. It’s amazing to see how far we got, as the article displays an image of the first headset, and it’s more like an arcade machine than a headset.

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