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I decided to go with my second design process where you the user gets an interactive one on one tour of their home countries so we can get a better idea and overview of where my tour group buddies are from. I used regular white printing paper and drew the outline for an IPhone since my design is set to be a mobile application interaction. I used pieces of post its and cut up white pieces of paper to draw and build my prototype up.

For the process of creating this prototype I built upon my already created wireframes, drawings, and peer reviews from the class. I did a paper prototype of my wireframe from the previous class session while adding a bit more interactions to it. It’s a bit more complicated drawing out interactions and little menu props for the game as opposed to doing them on wireframes so i felt more connected to this process of the prototype because I was thinking of more tiny interactions that I could add that could bring it to a more animated tone while still keeping alive what I had planned in my design process thoughts.

Something that worked in the process of this paper prototype was how my ideas became clearer on what exactly I wanted each interaction to be or how it could possibly happen. A lot of cutting and drawing out that was done was a bit longer just due to the fact that I’m a terrible artist. It was a smooth process and can’t think of anything that didn’t exactly work while making this prototype and gave me a chance to really play with some other features I didn’t know could fit into this app, with the help of some peer reviews too.

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The relationship I intend to support is one with one of my very good friends. She graduated this past spring and it has been hard keeping up with her through technology when we used to see each other every day. What is unique about our relationship is definitely the level of trust we have for each other. We can relate to each other on so many levels like spiritual, physical, or emotional levels; however, she is also a completely different person than me with her own tastes and preferences. We are distinct from each other but were able to get along extremely well. Currently, I find it hard to maintain the friendship we had because that physical aspect is gone.
At the moment, we communicate mostly through texting. She will update me about her day or her life and I will do the same. More recently, when there have been updates that we do not want to type out, we will video call each other and talk about what is on our minds. It is much easier to be able to see the other person and catch up face-to-face than it is to communicate over a screen with our thumbs.
These two methods have been working well so far. It is easy to shoot over a text for a quick update, but the wait time for a response is dependent on the other person. Video calling has been helpful in terms of mimicking that physicality but it is something you can only do when both people are available at the same time. We can no longer walk or drive to places together. Her graduating and leaving Santa Barbara has forced us to become more independent in that way.
The essential functions of a tool to maintain this relationship would definitely contain some function to bring back the physicality of a person. I miss being able to take walks with her or go to coffee shops and study with her so somehow closing the distance between our locations would be helpful. With that would of course be the ability to hear them, see them, and speak to them. It would be like a current smartphone, but smarter. With smartphones today, one can see and hear other people through the internet. Our technology has not yet brought us to a place where we can touch something through the internet. The goal of the design would ultimately be to create something that helps any long distance relationship to feel that distance much less.