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Scenario Storyboards


On the link above, you will find a set of storyboards that depict the process through which two individuals will wear, set up, and use my design to communicate ideas that transcend the boundaries set by our current mediums of communications. My hope is that my design can be used in just about any scenario where two individuals wish to share their own respective ideas with one another without fearing that the other individual will misunderstand or misinterpret what was meant by the first individual. As such, the storyboards depict a universal approach to the device which can be used in just about every situation where two individuals are interacting with one another. Be it during a game, a date, a debate,a study jam, a board meeting, dinner, class, and even warfare.

Design Synthesis

For the design alternatives that I created last week, I noticed that they could all be arranged into three functional categories. These categories were: 1. Devices/systems that were already existing which help promote individual ideas, 2. Interpersonal activities that help individuals strengthen bonds and become accustomed with each other’s way of thinking, and 3. Devices, for which the technology does not yet exist, which would help bridge the gap between individuals’ own subjective experiences.

The first functional category consisted of devices and systems that already exist which help the promotion and spread of individual ideas to a larger set of people. Devices and systems in this category included: cellphones, microphones, bluetooth headsets, videochat services etc. However while these devices/systems helped with the spread of ideas from one individual to another, the risk of misinterpretation and lack of mutual understanding from both sides is still pretty high. Rendering my design problem unsolved. The second functional category consisted of various interactive activities which, in theory, should help individuals build deep connections with one another so that their thinking processes become more aligned with each other.  Some of the interpersonal activities I suggested included: building a large puzzle together, playing a sport together, going on a survival trip together, joining the military, etc. While the effectiveness of this category is better than the first, two individuals, no matter how close and like minded they become with one another, will never be able to access the original thoughts of the other but rather their translation. Case in point, even in the elite levels of professional club soccer teams such as Real Madrid FC, mistakes in communication, due to different mindsets, often lead to defeat. Finally, the third category is comprised of ideas that require new technology to be made or are far too abstract to actually bring to life. However, of all the categories it is this category, number 3, which directly addresses and solves my design problem.

Although categories one and two are the functional categories with the most realistic prospects of being acted upon, I would like to focus my time and effort towards the third. Sure, the concepts in category three may seem too abstract or even too outrageous to actually exist, but I feel that with enough creativity and effort, we can sketch a basic blueprint for something that is new, exciting and quite honestly, innovative.

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