Sheldon Sanford

Sheldon Sanford


Interactive Design Project

The problem in my life that I am currently facing is my room. Right now the only thing in there is a bed and a couple posters. I live in a house with six guys including me. I also have friends and family members that come to visit all the time, not to mention my girlfriend that hangs out and spends the night in my room most nights. On top of all of that, the only place I can get some peace and quiet to study or just relax, because I live with five other guys, is my room. It is not an adequate enough interface for me to interact with everyone I need to while also be equipped with the items needed for studying and relaxation.

With friends and family visiting about once or twice a month, my room is not up to par when it comes to being in a fun and accommodating environment. In it’s current state, my room consists of a closet where I hang my clothes and a bed where I sleep. It is a fairly large room with a lot of wasted space. For instance, if me and a friend were to go and hangout in my room there would be no where for us to sit and nothing for us to do. This same idea also relates to the interactions me and my girlfriend experience in my room. Most of the time I ended up finding something for us to watch on my computer  while we sit on me bed. With all of that being said, I view my room as an interface I use daily to connect with the people in my life that can be vastly improved.



Scenario 1:

My sister and her fiancé decide to come from Los Angeles to spend the weekend with me. They do not own a blow up mattress or any other kind of sleeping pad. I have two large couches in my living room where they have slept in the past, but the major problem with this is that I live with five other guys who constantly go in and out of the living room basically 24/7. Because I live with so many people, often times the living room is not only crowded because of their presence but is also in use. Meaning we are not able to relax and watch tv or just sit and talk without being disturbed by the people around us and whatever they are doing in the living room. Obviously this interaction between me and my sister and her fiancé is not the best it could be.

This is where my interface, my room can really come in handy. In my new and improved room I have a futon. A futon is a couch that has the ability to push the backrest all the way back to where it is level with the seat cushions. By doing this it transforms from a couch to a bed. This allows us to hangout during the day in my room and talk about whatever while also providing them a place to sleep at night. I also now have a TV in my room for entertainment purposes and a mini fridge for refreshments. My interface offers an alternative to the currently flawed interactions I used to experience with my sister and her fiancé.

Scenario 2:

My girlfriend, Julia, has had a long day at work and wishes to come over, change, and have a few drinks before going downtown to blow off some steam. Normally she would have to go back home to grab a change of clothes before coming over. Then when she got here we would have to go to the store to buy these said drinks. Obviously after a long day at work, you would want to make this process as simple and carefree as possible. But as it is now she has to drive an extra 30 min just to go to her house before coming to mine, plus the added time and effort of going to the store, finding the drink ingredients we wanted and then driving back to my house. My girlfriend doesn’t exactly have a vast amount of patience so any of these things could potentially push her over the edge and somehow end up my fault.

This scenario doesn’t end up happily ever after for both parties, but with the use of my new interface things will be better than ever. Instead of going home first to grab her clothes, Julia instead has to option to just come straight to my house. The dresser feature of my interface has 6 large drawers. 5 of these drawers are used to hold my clothes but the 6th drawer is for Julia and her clothes. She now has the option to keep a change of clothes, whether it be going out clothes, or workout clothes,or pajamas, or all of it. This allows her to head straight to my house from work without having to add 30 min to her commute. In my interface I also have a mini fridge. This allows us to also skip over having to drive to the store to get the drink ingredients. My mini fridge is already stocked with multiple different ingredients to multiple different drinks to account for her craving different drinks from time to time. The use of the interface will allow this interaction to proceed more efficiently while also making it more pleasurable.

Scenario 3:

My girlfriend, Julia, and I just want to have a calm night in and watch TV. Typically, this would start by her coming over and us hanging out in the living room. At some point we would go get a six pack from the store and have a few while we watched a movie or TV show. Often time while we were gone to get the six pack someone else in my house would have taken control over the TV. Usually to play video games which my girlfriend is not interested in. At this point we would just go lay down in my bed and watch TV on my computer. Watching TV on my computer and watching TV from an actual television are two completely different things. When we watch on the computer first of all the computer is in on my lap and can get hot and uncomfortable. It is also a much smaller screen and the sound quality is a joke. Also being in bed, Julia often times falls asleep causing me to have to rematch episodes with her later.

My interfaces solves all of these problems. First of all, the mini fridge in my interface is stocked with many different drinks including beer. So, we wouldn’t have to give up the TV in the living room at all. But, If our TV were to get taken we have a new place to go. My interface includes a TV where we wouldn’t have to face the many problems surrounding watching TV in bed. My interface also consists of a futon. The futon is where we would sit while watching TV. Here, sitting on the futon, it would be less likely for Julia to fall asleep. So we could watch our shows more efficiently, without me having to re-watch episodes. All in all, the interface solves a frequently occurring problem Julia and I both face on a weekly basis.