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Homework: Week 9/10

Digital Prototypes




Homework: Week 8

Paper Prototype Write Up:

This week, I created a paper prototype of my individual design project. Briefly, my design problem was trying to bridge the gap in current technology, and simulate the feeling of “presence.” Originally, I intended to create an app in which you could visually go on “dates” with friends and loved ones, but after a few weeks of honing in on my idea, I felt the best way to tackle the problem was to instead create virtualdates, within the app. So, instead of essentially glorified face time dates, the app will instead work to engage more than just sight, but also the users’ sense of smell and so forth. Meaning, while engaging in a “coffee date” for example, users would be able to click on the “coffee” button and would be able to talk and interact all while smelling the simulated coffee scent, with the other user. I found this small detail would allow both users to feel connected through the ambiance, I feel that engaging the users’ additional senses will virtually simulate the feeling of togetherness.

In my paper prototype, I attempted to simulate the intended interactions the users would go through. I built upon my prior wire frames in order to help me get a better understanding of what I was actually trying to create. I started by printing out small rectangle screens of my wire frames, I then took gray paper and cut it out to simulate the shape and color of an ordinary iPhone. I wanted my paper prototype to take my wire frames a step farther and incorporate interactive elements, which were not present in my still wire frames. So, I took the cut out prints of my wire frames and glued them on to a long piece of printer paper in a sequential order, as if to represent the user clicking from one screen to the next, while using the gray cut out as a representation of a phone. So, the user essentially takes the “phone” and slides through the wire frames, to see what clicking on to a new screen would bring. I also added a small “CLICK!” button and glued it on to the button, so the user “clicks” on the button and slides over to the next wire frame screen. I glued the blue click buttons as flaps, so the user could lift up the paper and see the underneath button, to mimic the action of clicking on a button.

Moreover, on the final screen, I used visual representations of certain senses. First, I attached a scratch and sniff sticker, I did this to represent smell, I did this because I wanted people viewing my paper prototype to truly grasp the senses I’m trying to stimulate. Next, I incorporated a small pearl earring in order to represent touch; I used this object for a couple reasons. My original app idea stemmed from wanting my friends to be able to answer quick fashion questions, and slowly my idea morphed away from that and into something much more broad. In order to build upon my original idea I figured using a simple object such as an earring, would be sufficient in representing the feeling of touch. To engage this sense I want users to be able to virtually feel and hold holograms of items. Next, I attached a wrapper of an Altoid in order to simulate taste. I kind of imagined something like Willy Wonka’s magically changing chewing gum for this, like users would buy a special pack of gum, and then the app would send a signal to the gum to make it taste like certain flavors, so users are able to “eat” together. Through this process my idea has grown and changed many times, but I feel that the more I work and rework my ideas I gain a greater sense of what this app would actually be like. I realize some of the virtual elements, went from practical to essentially impossible to make currently, on account of current technology, but I also feel in that realization I’ve come to find that no idea is too big, therefore, I feel like my ideas, and this prototype, both represent an interactive and futuristic design.

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Homework: Week 7




Homework: Week 6

Creating Personas


10/ 29/18

Homework: Week 5

Scenarios & Storyboards


Scenario #1: Coffee Date 

In this story board the user opens the app and sets a date time, the user who will be interacting with user 1 then gets a notification of the requested date and accepts. At the time of the requested date both users will get a notification alerting them it’s time to log on, and then they will progress to have a virtual coffee date. 

Scenario 2: Night Out 

In scenario two user one is going out with friends and needs user two’s opinion on an outfit choice ASAP. User two gets a notification from user one requesting advice followed with an “SOS” message in red so user two knows it’s urgent, opens the app and responds. 

Scenario 3: Shared Activity 

In scenario 3 the users will jointly watch, talk and comment on a shared activity such as playing a card game or watching a movie. This storyboard uses the movie example and streams the movie to both devices simultaneously so users are able to essentially watch a movie together like they would in person, and be able to hear and respond authentically and instantaneously. 


Homework: Week 4

Design Synthesis

  1. Tactile
  2. Virtual
  3. Personal
  4. Misfits

In the tactile category, I placed all the items, which are physical in nature, meaning you need to literally touch or feel them in order for them to work. (I.e. sending a postcard, or a present) In the virtual category, would be the cards that don’t necessarily need the tactile component but are more centered about the idea of their presence rather than the actual thing. (i.e. a “virtual” coffee date) In the personal category, I grouped the items that are specific to mending the distance between long distance friendships. (i.e. creating shared experiences despite the distance) The “misfits” category is where I placed all the ideas, which didn’t necessarily fit into the other three categories. (i.e. asking each other for advice) I grouped these concepts into the following categories because I felt they shared commonalities, and were also redundant and repetitive of the same overarching idea, even if they were technically different ideas. I think the category I want to continue to work on moving forward will be a combination of the personal and virtual categories. I believe these categories have the most manageable constraints. For example, one of the constraints with the virtual component would be physical, as current technology exists today, being two places at once is not possible, so in order to account for the physical distance, simulating a shared experience such as a coffee or lunch date would allow individuals to make shared/new experiences with their long distance loved ones. I feel that once I’m able to nail down the exact concept of the platform I’d like to create, I’ll have a better idea of what constraints I will be dealing with. Moreover in order to effectively design my platform, I need to take into account and constantly come back to my individual design problem, and assess whether the solution I’m grappling with is able to solve it.


Forty solutions homework: (photo link)



Approaches To My Individual Design Problem
For my individual design project I’ve decided to center in on long distance friendships and take aspects of social media apps which currently exist today and revamp them. I was inspired by the movie Clueless where Cher, the main character has a program on her computer where she’s able to swipe through outfits instead of trying them on. I thought this idea could go one step further by taking that basic idea and making it less about just the outfit and enable it to be a form of communication and connect people across the country. For example, my best friend and I are always asking each other for outfit advice or showing our latest purchases to one another, since we are unable to actually go out and about to stores and shop together. Since there are already social media apps and other platforms that do the basic job of “connecting” people, I thought that incorporating clothes would be an innovative way to feel closer to


For this platform I envision something of a Instagram/Pinterest mix, where the user is able to scan their closet and the app would register the clothes that that particular individual owns, and then cross reference that with photos of outfits they’ve liked in the app and on other apps, and then suggest outfits for any given occasion. From their, you could swipe through potential outfits and submit them for feedback from your friends, so when you’re getting ready to go somewhere and you’re in need of another person’s’ opinion it’s right in the palm of your hand. I also think an added feature which would be beneficial is the app knowing the weather for the day you plan to wear each outfit, so you’re not all dressed for a hot summer day and find yourself freezing in the rain.


For this project I’ve thought about three possible design approaches, the first being probably the most accessible, a social media app. This would probably be the simplest way to go about creating this platform because the demographic this would most likely be marketed to is female college students. Since most people have camera phones, and more than likely smartphones, this design approach seems the most practical. This could also be an easy way for clothing companies to advertise for new and upcoming products. Also, when considering accessibility of the app to the demographic, I feel as though this design approach is most likely to gain the most users.


Another design approach, which is similar but different to a social media app could be a website, something comparable to Facebook. Users would be able to access all the same features but not only on their smartphones but on their laptops and computers as well. Though the viewing screen would increase I don’t think that would be really necessary for the purposes of this platform. Another drawback would be the ease of the process, if users had to go online on a computer rather than a phone the process might seem like more of a hassle than anything else.


The last design approach could potentially be an app of some sort which includes some sort of tactile component. So not only would users be able to see the outfits on a screen in front of them but you could also feel the fabric and get a sense of being there with the other person. I feel like this approach would be beneficial not only to the platform itself but also to integrating the relationship aspect which it’s trying to improve upon. Being able to talk to each other in real time, and touch the garments being discussed would take the experience to new heights.


Furthermore, the creation of this platform needs the following components in order to ensure maximum success. One, would be the feeling of “closeness” to the user or users you would be connecting with, the platform would need to utilize real time videos, or responses, and make the interactions as “in the moment” as possible. Two, would be making the interaction feel authentic, and innovative, meaning users would need this platform to fulfill some aspect that current social media and networking platforms do not account for. Moreover, if this platform is to be created, considering several different design approaches is a critical component to its creation and success.
Bug List
Current softwares which are available have drastically improved our ability to stay connected to people all over the world. However, these systems all have their own unique drawbacks or “bugs” which makes using them difficult. Some bugs which exist within our current technology are the following:
-Lack of secured privacy: With social media and networking sites as a whole often the topic of privacy comes up, people often question whether the information being posted online is truly secure. A prime example of this would be Facebook and how it’s gone about ensuring the safety and privacy of its users. This bug directly relates to the platform I would like to create in the sense that I would want users to feel safe sharing information with one another, since the app would be able to track the weather, essentially see where you’re going and what you’ll be wearing it is crucial users feel safe, and hacking into this platform be virtually impossible.
-Glitchy technology: This bug is most relevant when I think about FaceTime or Skype, both of which claim to offer real time video chatting but in my experience the connection can make or break the experience. This bug directly corresponds to the platform I wish to create because users need to be able to get real time responses with as little of a delay as possible in order for this platform to be successful.
-Not truly being able to feel present: As technology stands today this seems to be the most widespread problem, despite all the social media apps and networking applications which exist people still feel “disconnected” from their loved ones in a sense, often complaining they don’t feel present. This is a crucial aspect to the platform I wish to create because feeling closer to long distance friends is ultimately the goal of the platform and if users don’t feel present or connected to fellow users, the platform would not succeed.


One Page Project Proposal

As social media exists today, we are able to connect with our friends and families around the world, however there are still problems which exist within current technology which could be improved upon. For my individual design project, I would like to develop a form of social media which pulls ideas from existing platforms (ex: Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook), and modifies them. I envision a platform where there are several groups, for example one group is friends, another family, and another is colleagues. In each group, you would be able to send an audio of visual group “message” of some sort, which would be delivered to the people in the specified group. This potential platform would essentially deal with the “I don’t want my mom on Facebook” debacle, because the things you send to your family and the things you send to your friends could be categorized into two separate entities. It would almost be like having different social media handles within the common ground of the platform. This platform would take elements which work well on other social media sites and get rid of the ones that aren’t as beneficial. For example, FaceTime is a great app for connecting with family, although lagging videos and disconnected sounds often make the experience less about talking and more about trying to get a clear connection. There is also the difficulty trying to connect with people across timezones. With the social media platform I wish to create, all messages which would be published/sent would be prerecorded, so there would be no interruption due to poor connection, and the messages could be scheduled to be delivered at a certain time, so as to handle the differing time zones. This platform would essentially be a place to record a happy “good morning” message and send it to your specified loved ones without the same message being sent to colleagues, acquaintances, and significant others alike. I feel as though this platform could be specifically beneficial to individuals in long distance relationships. I think having video/audio messages sent each morning or night would take a quick text message to an elevated level making the message seem more thoughtful and in turn strengthen the relationship. The simple added aspect of seeing someone on a consistent and personal basis, (ex: a routine photo/video message saying good morning/goodnight) would enhance random and sporadic FaceTime calls.